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Zoe Lyons – Pop-up Comic (Corrie McGuire For Objective Talent)

By | Published on Saturday 3 August 2013

One-footed pigeons. This is proof positive that Zoe Lyons is a pretty inventive woman. Bounding through an assortment of subjects, she certainly creates an energetic performance. Fast flowing jokes and fluidity of facial expression keep the audience chuckling throughout, whilst her own giggles add an air of ease to the room. The progression isn’t wholly coherent, but she manages to link her material so it seems natural, as the leap from anoraks to air fresheners clearly is. An almost-too-intimate affair, Lyons nimbly emphasises the absurdity of modern day life, and, actually, the technical blips on this occasion (a wonky projector and page-turning experiments) only served to make it all the more charming.

The Assembly Rooms, until 25 Aug, 5.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Natasha Gartside]