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The Little Wheel Sketch Show (The Little Wheel Sketch Company)

By | Published on Friday 30 August 2013

This hour long sketch show was loud, over the top and, at times, a little bit tasteless. Featuring four comedians, the sketches ranged from raps about budget airlines to aggressive and confusing parodies of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’. The Jeremy Kyle theme was used more than once throughout the performance and, honestly, once was enough; the acting within that particular sketch was so loud, over the top and aggressive, it was a little bit awkward to watch. There were a few sketches that redeemed the show slightly, mainly the one involving David Cameron and his guitar and a spot-on Sarah Millican impression. But despite these, the show was still confusing, mildly offensive and painful on the ears.

Citrus Club, until 23 Aug, 2.45pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Roberta Thomson]