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Tamar Broadbent – Almost Epic (ABP Ltd)

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2013

Michael Palin has given Broadbent a thumbs-up, and I’m not surprised. Her songs are witty, the complex line-structures impeccably delivered, and the satire generally hits its target. Unfortunately, her persona when she isn’t singing – which is a lot of the time – isn’t nearly as close to epic as she’d like it to be. She comes across as sweet and, to use a strangely accurate oxymoron, nervously confident. But sadly, she just isn’t very funny, with several cringe-inducingly ill-judged moments (some of which involved the generally sympathetic audience). There’s funny, and then there’s laughable. The songs are a different matter: simplistic music notwithstanding, a couple of them were hilarious enough to be truly memorable. Broadbent is a talent in need of a little discipline.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 25 Aug (not 13), 4.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Arjun Sajip]