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Sucker Punch (Paddy Lennox / Free Festival)

By | Published on Sunday 4 August 2013

When watching ‘Sucker Punch’ it becomes instantly clear that Paddy Lennox is one of life’s inherently funny men. His natural charisma and likeability puts the audience at ease and sets them up for a laugh riot. Unfortunately it does not follow. Whilst some of his jokes brought laughter, the frenetic structure and delivery of the Irishman’s material severely damaged the quality of the show. A large segment was dedicated to lacklustre observations about Rampant Rabbits and acrobatic penises, paving the way for an altogether unspectacular show. As a comedian, Lennox has a great ability to make people laugh. However, a lack of impetus and direction, paired with the largely forgettable material, made for a wildly mediocre hour.

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, until 13 Aug, 5.30pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Peter Dorman]