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Smells Like Shit … Tastes Like Chicken (Matthew Finlayson)

By | Published on Friday 16 August 2013

While it was clear that this comedian has a definite knack for cracking funnies, he seemed to have entirely forgotten his set. An opening which demonstrated his enthusiasm for audience interaction seemed to irreparably disrupt the structure of the show; meaning the remaining 25 minutes were entirely improvised, based on the audience member’s questions. While the ability to rescue a nose-diving act with sheer comic force was of sure merit, a less gregarious audience might have been lethal for the show. Some of the original material was eventually remembered – and really quite funny – it’s just a shame we experienced so little of it. With more rehearsal (or perhaps a set-list to hand) this act has definite potential.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, until 8 Aug, 12.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Kate Pasola]