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PC, Mac And Me – The Funny Side Of Computers (Dan Willis)

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2013

With so much comedy to choose from at the Fringe addressing a niche market is a risky business. Computer geek Dan Willis brings IT banter down to a level accessible to every audience. Laughing with the crowd about the kids who never used VHS and have no idea who ‘Ferris Bueller’ is, he cleverly incorporates a Mac versus PC debate. A show brilliantly designed to make everybody born pre-1993 feel ancient, and good about it, and the younger audience realise what they missed out on – one television per household and computers which wouldn’t be able to process one Facebook photograph. Team Mac or Team PC? If you ever had an original Gameboy, you’re probably qualified to decide.

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, until 25 Aug, 1.45pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Rebecca Lunn]