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Liberty Hodes – But It’s My Birthday! (Laughing Horse Free Festival)

By | Published on Friday 16 August 2013

‘But It’s My Birthday!’ is a hectic and chaotically unconventional performance. The eccentric  Hodes begins by fumbling around on stage in an enormous hot dog costume, reminiscing about her disastrous 13th birthday party. Between mouthfuls of party rings, the audience are suddenly plunged into a jumbled game of musical chairs. Accompanied by a ukulele, Hodes performs a number of ludicrous but humorously outspoken songs such as ‘Your Dog’s Not Asleep It’s Dead’, while the presentation of her farmyard collage is the hight of bewildering silliness. This was less a comedy show and more of a mish-mashed exposition of Hodes’ outlandish hobbies. The short guest appearance from a man with an intense love of cats topped off this unique but unusual experience.

Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix, until 25 Aug (not 14), 3.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Kayleigh Head]