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Kriss Foster And Friend (Kriss Foster / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Saturday 31 August 2013

This odd, quirky show came off as quite accessible, despite a home-made leopard suit and lots of general silliness. Foster and Friend filled the hour with songs about Lancaster, the towns around Lancaster, service stations and Vimto. Mr Ferris (the Friend in question) played a character which didn’t always work, as his strange performance style sometimes failed to be amusing. However, the music from both men, including voice, guitar, piano and keyboard, was used very well, though this often resulted in tunes which were more entertaining than the jokes. The combination of everyday humour and wacky delivery is a staple for many musical comedy shows. This style is secure here, but the material rather tired.

Ryan’s Cellar Bar, until 24 Aug (not 13), 3.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Alice Harrold]