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Joz Norris Has Gone Missing

By | Published on Saturday 17 August 2013

Joz Norris may have gone missing but his comic ability is still evidently present. An eclectic mixture of styles were employed as he alternated between his three comic creations: first was Mr Gumbo, a rather poor superhero; next he played a dorky spider and the third character resulted in his wielding two pairs of sunglasses in an attempt to be a Lothario. They all showcased his manic energy and his pronounced ability to induce awkwardness in certain audience members, though at times it was a little long between any satisfying jokes. The show has potential – it lacked any real tale with which to grip the audience, but Norris’ charm meant it held sufficient attention.

Laughing Horse @ The Blind Poet, until 25 Aug (not 13 Aug), 2.45pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Ian Freeman]