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Dead Famous (Elise Harris and Paul Wady / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Thursday 15 August 2013

In this chat show hosted by historical figures, we were introduced to Marie Antoinette and Edgar Allen Poe, the latter of whom spoke with a dodgy American accent that got dropped when he started to sing (don’t ask). Both of them screamed through a piercingly loud mic, as they argued and embarrassed their guests. After Sarah Cassidy’s history of beards – a genuine highlight – finished, our hosts for the night, sensing all was lost, called time early and we got the blessed release we’d been waiting for. ‘Dead Famous’ is reminiscent of those nights when your parents get drunk and start making lame jokes for longer than is welcome, then start bickering, and eventually drift away to your peaceful satisfaction.

Dragonfly, until 24 Aug, 9.00pm.
tw rating 1/5 | [James Hampson]