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Casual Violence – Om Nom Nominous (Casual Violence! Comedy)

By | Published on Saturday 10 August 2013

Permit me, if you will, to gush a little about ‘Om Nom Nominous’, because as far as I’m concerned, it did everything a sketch show should. The material was enormously varied, with each sketch bringing something innovative, expertly crafted and outrageously creative to the stage. The written material was tight, dragging the audience across the emotional spectrum. Blackly comic moments offered surprisingly moving conclusions, with the travails of the tragically misguided Human Defence League being a particularly good example of this. The performers’ evident enjoyment was infectious, and regular ad-libs kept a fun, fresh feel throughout. Casual Violence cannot be commended highly enough for making sketch comedy great again.

The Voodoo Rooms, until 17 Aug, 7.15pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Tom Bateman]