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Bob And Jim – Two Stars (Bob And Jim)

By | Published on Friday 2 August 2013

This seamless duo have been everywhere and done everything together, and it hasn’t dented their hearty passion for life. Bob and Jim present a delightfully slow-paced trawl through their many escapades. Charting their drastic career progress from membership of a street gang to performing at National Trust stately homes, Bob and Jim’s life stories never fail to engage. Sprinklings of ukulele playing help to bring their varied musical offerings to life:  from involvement in the Madchester scene to entertaining groupies in their caravan. Laid-back and on-point, the show’s many detours are as funny as the main thread. It was a treat to watch these two blokes bumbling their way through life and improvised costume changes. Two smartly-dressed stars worthy of five.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 25 Aug (not 12, 13), 8.20pm. 
tw rating 5/5 | [Jonathan Mayo]

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