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Alan Committie – Fully Committied (Alan Committie and Assembly)

By | Published on Saturday 24 August 2013

Committie’s energetic comedy is a treat to watch, and is complemented by his charming South African lilt. He is witty and smart, and his Fringe-based observational humour was original and funny. Although, he truly came into his own when he influenced his comedy with physical humour, characters and props. His idea of using ‘50 Shades Of Grey’-style narrative to improve school textbooks was inspired, and when he adopted the character of a motivational speaker, the jokes were stronger than ever. A true physical comedian, Committie is at his best when he can command the space, and move around in it, creating an energy and atmosphere where the audience are engaged, involved, and enjoying every moment of it.

Assembly Roxy, until 26 Aug, 9.20pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Elizabeth Jewell]