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Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrghhh! So It Goes – John Fleming’s Comedy Blog Chat Show

By | Published on Sunday 25 August 2013

Sitting at the far left of the stage in this cosy space, John Fleming allows two renowned guests to speak freely. There is a roster that changes daily, and today we listen to prominent comedy critic Kate Copstick and respected comedian and writer Arthur Smith. Though the event is set up like a chat show, what takes place is an organically flowing conversation with only very gentle prompts from Fleming. Known for her forthright judgments of comedians, Copstick offers (very pointedly) her opinions on the recent surge of feminism in comedy. Arthur Smith is more laid-back, sharing humorous stories from his past as a young comedian, and his times at the Fringe. Unimposing, personal, a great way to listen to two interesting figures speak.

Heroes @ Bob’s Bookshop, until 23 Aug, 3.30pm.

tw rating 4/5 | [Kyung Oh]