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A Danish Bagpipe Comedian (Claus Reiss)

By | Published on Saturday 3 August 2013

Ranging over topics from competitive bagpiping to bodily fluids, Claus Reiss tells a series of anecdotes that exude enthusiasm and knowing self-deprecation. Dressed in kilt and sporran, Reiss offers a conversational style which encourages participation; audience contests and song requests result in a show that feels warm and inclusive, as he offers to answer the audience’s bagpipe-related questions. The show’s musical interludes build on this charm, as Reiss wryly remarks that it’s all right if people cover their ears. By contrast, some of the prepared comic material suffered a little from a reliance on tired comedic tropes. His engagement with the audience makes up for it, however, demonstrating admirable flexibility and wit, especially when you consider he’s performing in his second language.

Laughing Horse @ Jekyll & Hyde, until 15 Aug, 5.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Tom Bateman]