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The Yarn (MATE Drama Workshop)

By | Published on Friday 31 August 2012

MATE’s extraordinary theatrical production spins yarns, storytelling from days of yore. From the moment you walk into the theatre you become part of the village as a casual visitor, as people warmly invite you to share in their stories of birth, death, love and mystery; by the end, their joy becomes your joy and their sorrow your sorrow. The acting is superb, there is a realistic quality to it that makes you wonder if these people have time travelled two hundred years from the past just to talk to you, while the stories are poetic, engaging, and identifiable. The spinning of these tales provides an insightful view of village life, and at the conclusion you will be sorry to leave such a charming village.

theSpace @ Venue 45, 6-11 Aug, 5.20pm
tw rating 5/5 | [Ana-Claudia Magana]