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Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act By Athol Fugard (The Fugard Theatre, Izinja and Assembly)

By | Published on Friday 17 August 2012

Intimacy and exposure are combined to powerful effect in this production of Athol Fugard’s play about the forbidden love of a married black man and a white woman in Apartheid South Africa. Opening in near darkness, the audience is immediately drawn into the relationship of the two leads as they sit talking, naked, on a rug in the centre of the bare stage. But the sense of intrusion that this implies is then shockingly brought to the fore, as their inevitable discovery is conveyed through evocative and clever staging. The play’s main weakness is over-reliance on a third actor, who details their capture at an unnecessary length, detracting from the emotional impact. But despite this, an emotive and engaging production.

Assembly Hall, 2-27 Aug (not 6, 13, 20), 12.15pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Sarah Richardson]