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Serve Cold (Mark MacNicol)

By | Published on Saturday 4 August 2012

Revenge is on the menu in Mark MacNicol’s new play, in which a woman plotting against her ex-lover spends the evening with an unexpectedly religious prostitute. Nicola Clark is endearing and funny as the god-fearing Grace, strangely prim one minute and then hilariously world-weary the next. She is innocently trusting and infinitely forgiving of others, the opposite of the paranoid Joy, who prefers going on the offensive with extreme measures to being a victim. Joy’s character feels somewhat under-written; her motivations aren’t convincing enough for her slightly far-fetched actions, and Grace’s funnier, more interesting character carries the show. However, this is a thoughtful piece and the final punchline is very satisfying.

Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel, 1-11, 20-27 Aug, 3.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Roz Tuplin]