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Sealand (The Alchemist)

By | Published on Friday 10 August 2012

Refreshingly relevant to the problems encountered within society, ‘Sealand’ explores the notion that it’s possible to start again and build a Utopia. Leaving behind ‘Broken Britain’, Ted, his son and another family build a revolutionary country in the middle of the ocean. In this accomplished production the acting is strong and emotionally complex, while the set is dynamic and makes the most of a platform and a lower level, therefore scene changes are engaging to watch. ‘Sealand’ is an imaginative concept which explores the obsession with creating a better life when humans are essentially flawed… evolving gradually into a chilling and emotionally riveting tale which grabs you when you least expect it.

Zoo, 4-27 Aug, 5.15pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Khristine Gallagher]