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Presidential Suite – A Modern Fairy Tale (B & G Productions – New York)

By | Published on Saturday 4 August 2012

“You don’t understand how the world works!” the words echo from the stage, hang in the air, and resonate through the core of ‘Presidential Suite: A Modern Fairytale’. Its central protagonist – a misogynistic French economist – believes the world works as follows: throw money at a problem, and it will evaporate. Not so with hotel chambermaid Hermione, allegedly raped by the high-profile public figure. Anything but a classic tale of good vs. evil, ‘Presidential Suite’ is achingly relevant to contemporary Western society, which thrives on political scandal, gagging orders and the ever-present media glare. A stripped-bare set allows punchy one-liners to take centre stage and chemistry-fuelled scenes between the economist’s wealthy wife and power-hungry lawyer are blissfully reminiscent of Golden Era screwball comedies.

C eca, 1-18 Aug, 7.25pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Christy Brown]