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Miss Julie (The Empty Bliss Production Company)

By | Published on Friday 31 August 2012

It’s a shame that this production of Miss Julie had to be so shortened. The play, intended to run for an hour and a half, suffers from being cut, regardless of the excellence of the actors or set design. The cast prove themselves adept enough for this difficult play- the actor playing Jean dominates with his forceful presence, while Miss Julie herself manages a range of emotions in a matter of seconds. However, the short script means that an erratic play is even more erratic than usual. Strindberg virgins will probably be lost without the slow build up to what should be a harrowing and dark ending, but simply ends up as a bit of a non-event.

theSpace on North Bridge, 20-25 Aug, 3.10pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Joanna Barrow]