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Looby Loo (No Strings Attached) (New Apollo Theatre Company)

By | Published on Saturday 18 August 2012

Andy Pandy and Looby Loo from ‘Watch with Mother’ are all grown up in this bizarre piece. Starting as a nostalgic walk down memory lane for older members of the audience, the story quickly lost its way, and while as a comedy it may have worked, it just didn’t have the emotional potential to feel genuinely tragic. A slow and lacklustre plot with brief comedic moments, wooden acting and a horribly depressing ending make this one to avoid, even despite Eddi Hill’s brilliant turn as ‘Auntie’, which brought some much-needed humour, but it wasn’t enough to save this production. If you were a fan of the original children’s programme avoid this dark and unsatisfying re-imagining. Enough to give kids nightmares.

C nova, 4-19 Aug, 9.05pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Charlotte Ryan]