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Lady M (Het Vijfde Bedrijf)

By | Published on Saturday 4 August 2012

‘Fuck Shakespeare’ exclaims Annemarie de Bruijn in this one-woman adaption of the Shakespearean classic Macbeth. Bemoaning her ‘bit-part’ in the original play, she tells the well-known tale from the point of view of Lady Macbeth’s handmaid. De Bruijn herself is no bit-part actress; indeed, she saves what could otherwise become just another adaption of an established classic, keeping her audience captivated as she moves seamlessly between characters, shining particularly in the role of the ever more demented Lady Macbeth. Focusing perhaps too much on the duties of the handmaid at the outset, the piece gathers momentum towards an enjoyable and visually striking conclusion. Well acted and well-written with moments of brilliant comedy, no previous knowledge of Shakespeare is required.

C eca, 2-18 Aug, 4.15pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Charlotte Ryan]