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Githa (The Flanagan Collective #LittleFest at C nova)

By | Published on Thursday 23 August 2012

In this one woman performance, Hannah Davies portrays the endearing and inspiring writer K G Sowerby, who battled for respect as a female author and playwright in early 20th century London. In 1912, Sowerby was hailed as an overnight success, as the first performance of ‘Rutherford and Son’ received critical acclaim. She would, however, have to deal with the unenviable stresses that accompanied it. Davies, who wrote the play, has a commanding script here. She switches between characters effortlessly, and her confidence and sobriety allow the audience to appreciate those who impacted on Sowerby’s life. ‘Githa’ will leave you feeling sympathetic and proud at Sowerby’s pioneering life, as Davies does justice to a truly remarkable story.

C nova, 3-27 Aug, 3.00pm
tw rating, 4/5 | [James Valentine]