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Cinderella – The Musical (American High School Theatre Festival)

By | Published on Friday 31 August 2012

A near-sighted bookworm and a nerdy prince deliver a new spin on the classic fairy story: Cinderella meets a boy who shares her love of books and philosophy, only to discover that he is a prince looking for a suitor; yet, with the help of her animal friends – performed by charming hand puppets – she finds true love. These are professional-sounding voices and the acting is superb, especially from Monica Hutchhausen as the evil stepmother; with her exaggerated theatricality, she is a delight to watch. The production may seem somewhat cutesy, but adults will enjoy the show as much as children will. Pleasing to the eyes and ears, this musical is a dream come true for anyone who cherishes fairy tales.

Pilrig Studio, 6-9 Aug, 6.15pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Ana-Claudia Magaña]