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The Magicians Of Edinburgh (Dick Lee, Anne Evans, Ron Butlin)

By | Published on Friday 24 August 2012

Edinburgh’s premier poet Ron Butlin is paired with two exceptional musicians to create an absolutely lovely performance of the arts. Combining the flute, bass clarinet,and poetry produces an outstanding and relaxing hour tribute to the home of the Fringe: Edinburgh. Butlin’s poetry is witty and magnificently delivered with beautifully crafted music composed by Dick Lee. The musical arrangements perfectly amplify Butlin’s poems of Edinburgh’s beauty, history, and character, making each audience member regardless of their nationality feel the unabashed pride of the Scots. At times, however, Butlin could have been a bit louder so that none of his musings were lost in the compositions. This performance was incredibly pleasant, and everyone left with a bit more appreciation for Edinburgh.

Valvona & Crolla, 14, 15, 22, 23 Aug, 5.45pm (except 22nd at 8.30pm)
tw rating 4/5 | [Ellie Willis]