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The Explorers (Jazz Quartet)

By | Published on Friday 31 August 2012

The Explorers are billed as a quartet, but during this performance were a saxophonist down. The show must go on, of course, and it very much did, though the group were at an obvious disadvantage. The Explorers did an admirable job, however, and what they lacked in outrageous saxophone solos, they made up for in spirit and a set of original material. Particularly enjoyable was the finale, during which the band was most at ease and indulged in a miniature freak-out of an outro. I can’t profess to be a jazz expert, but there are definitely worse ways to spend an afternoon at this year’s Festival. The only real complaint is that on a very sunny day, the performance does not take place outside!

The Jazz Bar, 20 Aug, 2.30pm and 4.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [David O’Connor]