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The Leeds Tealights – 
Sexy Chubby (The Leeds Tealights)

By | Published on Thursday 16 August 2012

Fast-paced, entirely unpredictable and highly entertaining, the Leeds Tealights snogged, danced, mimed and rib-tickled their way through an hour of brilliantly written sketches. Not once did a sketch go stale; every one seemed original and inspired. Each member of the group of four seemed perfectly fitted for their individual mini-roles, playing them with spades of charm and wit, blessed with the kind of expressive faces that only need to raise an eyebrow to get a giggle. By the end, we were all wiping away the tears, sides aching. With a perfect balance of clever and quirky humour, it is no surprise that the Tealights sold out shows last year, and it won’t be if they do the same this year.

Just the Tonic @ The Caves, 2-16 Aug, 5.00pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Grace Hardy]