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The Cambridge Footlights – Perfect Strangers (Cambridge Footlights)

By | Published on Monday 13 August 2012

Although they may only be amateur students, the reputation of their comedy forebears precedes them, and engenders high levels of expectation. Fortunately enough, this year’s Cambridge comedy sketch troupe doesn’t disappoint. ‘Perfect Strangers’ tackles all styles, from satire to slapstick and everything in between, and despite no clear link between sketches, the show progresses seamlessly by using a repeated formula: building expectations and then smashing them. The group demonstrate a brilliant ability to create madness from the mundane; a game of Monopoly, for instance, becomes an absurd sketch about a brutal bailiff. No individual needs a specific mention, as all five are fantastically funny. This is a show that should be seen by everyone.

Pleasance Dome, 6-27 Aug, 4.00pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Conor Riordan]