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Michael Legge – What a Shame (Michael Legge / The Stand Comedy Club)

By | Published on Friday 24 August 2012

Michael Legge is always getting himself into embarrassing situations, and his stand-up analyses these events in his journey to conquer this affliction. And he does so with the all the vigour of Godzilla on a rampage. His onslaught is loud and ferocious: as one heckler mentioned, he’d make a great preacher. But the maniacal persona only adds to Legge’s sense of frustration which builds up as he recounts his numerous cringe-worthy situations. The only thing that was slightly out of place was a very conservative, religious character he adopted to evoke his upbringing in Northern Ireland. However, Michael Legge is still a very engaging, tour-de-force of a comedian and definitely worth an hour of your time.

The Stand Comedy Club II, 1-26 Aug (not 2, 13), 3.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Simon Thornton]