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Juliet Meyers – Raised By Fridge Magnets (Juliet Meyers / The Stand Comedy Club)

By | Published on Thursday 16 August 2012

Having already written material for the likes of the Now Show, Juliet Meyers proved herself to be a consummate stand-up performer in her own right with this inventive show. Meyers’ personal anecdotes were endowed with insightful twists that demonstrated her sharp mind, while she created variety by physically re-enacting situations and transforming into her cast of characters, including an Australian motivational speaker she once knew. At one point, she even made a mimed sequence produce a happy chortle from the audience. Always in control of her thoughtful material, Meyers even managed to keep the recurring jokes from feeling like tiresome cop-outs. Expect to see the fridge magnets of the title, the people who own them, and much more besides in a new light.

The Stand Comedy Club II, 1-26 Aug (not 2, 13) times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Emily Pulsford]