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Dave McNeill – Canoe Ride 3000 (Feature Spot Productions Ltd)

By | Published on Saturday 18 August 2012

Dave McNeill’s first solo show is a character comedy about one man’s journey to China in a canoe and his attempts to take down the oppressive regime. The plot is insane, but it’s supposed to be. If you can imagine a re-enactment of Robin Hood, conspiracies about computers controlling the world, and a fictional history of the world, then you’ll have a vague idea of what is covered. The jokes may not be the cleverest, but the delivery is. An energetic performer, McNeill covers the stage like a madman on a mission, so you might want to avoid it if you have an aversion to the sight of a man excessively perspiring. Try not to be put off, though; it’s strangely wonderful to watch a madman going upstream without a paddle in a cardboard canoe.

Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug (not 14), 3.30pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Conor Riordan]