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Andrew Doyle – Whatever It Takes (Talented Artists Ltd)

By | Published on Monday 20 August 2012

Andrew Doyle is desperate for laughs. Any laughs, cheap or otherwise, whatever it takes. Most of Doyle’s show relied upon bullying timid audience members before making amends with outrageous flirting. He really needs to save the bullying until after he’s won credibility. His prepared material was amusing and witty – he should stick to what he’s good at, because his attempt at improvisation was plain awkward. Amused at first, but soon exhausted, the spectators became bored and unwilling. Doyle babbled away endlessly whilst struggling to find punchlines and blamed the audience for choosing ‘shit’ words at the end of his set. It was fair to say that it was ultimately him who was left humiliated.

Just The Tonic at The Caves, 2-26 Aug (not 14) 8.00pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Paige Wilson]