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Andrew Bird’s Global Village Fete (CKP)

By | Published on Thursday 23 August 2012

‘Andrew Bird’s Global Village Fete’ is one man, a microphone and a bunch of really good jokes. There’s nothing spectacular here; no gimmicks, no boundaries getting pushed and no theme. What you get instead is an hour of well-crafted, well-delivered stand-up comedy. Bird has natural comic timing and a charismatic presence that demands your attention without being in-your-face. His material is classic observational fare – childhood, fatherhood, the crapness of trains – but it’s witty, accessible and well-judged rather than stale or forced. Bird’s set dips a little towards the end – there’s perhaps only 50 minutes of top-notch jokes – but overall this is a finely-honed performance with plenty of laughs to leave you smiling.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1-25 Aug, 6.50pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Andrew Bell]