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Absolute Improv! (To Be Continued…)

By | Published on Tuesday 7 August 2012

In this lively show the experienced To Be Continued… troupe successfully blended the elements required to make this kind of improvised comedy – scenarios based partly on audience suggestions – work well. A rapport with said audience is essential and the talented foursome of performers achieved it using time-honoured improv show tactics, from using the spectators’ shouted-out ideas to taking verbal or physical input from volunteers on stage. They were rewarded with some great suggestions, which were incorporated into energetic, quick-witted and madcap performances based on a variety of different ‘games’. Some parts were weaker than others, but the few less-successful elements did not dampen the high spirits created by the rest of this brilliantly performed show.

C nova, 2-27 Aug, 6.45pm
tw rating 4/5  |  [Emily Pulsford]