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1000 Years Of Scotland’s Dark Past (The Edinburgh Dungeon)

By | Published on Sunday 5 August 2012

From the moment you descend into the dark, dank depths of the Edinburgh Dungeon, you are transported back to Scotland’s grizzly past. Guided by a host of shady figures, visitors venture back to a time when murderers and body-snatchers lurked around every corner, and catching the plague was the least of your worries. With a cast of historical characters who are both funny and downright frightening, chilling highlights include stumbling into the lair of cannibal Sawney Bean and his hungry family, and a night-time visit to the graveyard with Messrs Burke and Hare. Atmospheric and entertaining, ‘1000 Years Of Scotland’s Dark Past’ is for anyone who likes their history with the gruesome details left in. Terrifyingly good fun.

The Edinburgh Dungeon, 30 Jul – 2 Sep, tours run every 10 Minutes from 10.00am – 7.00pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Rebecca Low]