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Three To See 2012: Theatre played for laughs

By | Published on Wednesday 25 July 2012


ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three comedy plays from the Fringe’s theatre programme.

Centralia (pictured)
‘Centralia’, like ‘Sealand‘, is another thing I became briefly intrigued by earlier this year, and so this show’s name immediately jumped out at me. So, what is it? Well, Centralia is a ghost town in Pennsylvania; in the early sixties, a fire began in a mine there, and when, after a couple of decades, the fire had not stopped, the majority shipped out, though a few were left behind. This piece focuses on those few, and promises to tell their story with comedy, dance and cabaret.
Centralia, Zoo, 3-27 Aug (dates vary), 10.20pm, fpp266. www.superbolttheatre.co.uk

If anyone were ever to ask me what my favourite type of punctuation is (go on, ask me) I think I might have trouble choosing between the semi colon and the ellipsis. And yes, that thought did draw me to this. But no, it’s not a show about weirdos who sit around musing about their favourite type of punctuation. It’s an absurdist piece starring three young women, and claims to be packed with comedy and endless hidden messages.
Ellipsis, theSpace @ Jury’s Inn, 3-25 Aug (not 5,12,19), times vary, fpp276. www.ellipsistheatre.tumblr.com

This new play sees Les Dennis (yes, him off the telly) starring as Jigsy, a jobbing comedian who “has worked with them all”, and has all the stories to tell. Set in 1997 against the backdrop of a dying Liverpool club circuit, Jigsy tells his life story, and considers the glory he might have had. It might sound like a recipe for mawkishness, but I have a feeling this one is going to turn out pretty well.
Jigsy, The Assembly Rooms, 1-26 Aug (not 13), 2.50pm, fpp288.

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