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Yellow Moon: The Ballad Of Leila And Lee (In Short Productions)

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

“At last, we’re in a story!” star-struck Leila poignantly sighs as she joins Lee through a sudden and ill-fated jerk into adulthood. This young cast deal maturely with touchy issues such as self-harm, murder and alcoholism with just the right sprinkling of comic relief. The smug, middle-class narration of Leila and Lee’s story clashes uncomfortably with impressively authentic Scottish accents; but the small-budget atmosphere created with skilful lighting and brilliant live music make up for any awkwardness in the narration. The charmingly gritty Scottish highlands are evocatively portrayed, and the adept acting skills of the protagonists bring this play to an intensely heated and dangerous denouement. These young actors shine an intelligent light on the lives of today’s youth.

C soco, 3 – 29 (not 16), 7.00pm (8.15pm), £7.50 – £10.50, fpp313.
tw rating 4/5