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World Stories From LA (Luna Caps Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

An arrangement of five short plays sharing the theme of the terrible price of beauty, the set begins with high melancholy and gains farce. ‘The Oval Mirror’, in which an artist’s wife is consumed by his representation; ‘Hanjo’, which parallels this when the titular lead goes mad from longing – but becomes beautiful to the sadist who took her in. ‘The Blonde’ is a shocking comic breath about simplicity, stalking and statistics; a Mexican folktale takes a trip through poverty and witchcraft. Lastly, an improvisation on Hovaness Toumanian’s ‘The Stupid Man’ is a pleasant shambles, subverting quest parables. The production is informal by necessity, hurrying through four stage-changes and five character-switches in 100 minutes, but they mostly succeed.

theSpaces On North Bridge, 8 – 13 Aug, 12.05pm, £6.00, fpp314
tw rating 3/5