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Who Killed The Counsellor? (Joe Bor)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

This new piece from comedian and first-time playwright Joe Bor shows the black humour in the frustrations of a counsellor absorbed into a dysfunctional family. As we watch a roguish musician, two squabbling teens and an over-stressed mother tell the events that lead up to counsellor Brenda’s untimely death, we see how electric a family’s broken bonds can become. Laura Carr gives a stunning performance as the late counsellor Brenda, showing more honesty in two phone calls than the other characters do throughout countless counselling sessions. Between these, scene shifts are occasionally clumsy, damaging the piece’s fluency, but what remains is a serious display of how our lives can affect others and an impressive piece of theatre.

Just The Tonic at The Store, 14 – 28 Aug (not 16), 12.00pm (1.00pm), £5.00 – £7.00, fpp311.
tw rating 3/5