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What Are Little Boys Made Of? (Anthroperformic)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Attempting to create a warm, friendly atmosphere, these performers want to share their stories with you… whether you like it or not. Positioning themselves between audience members, chatting ‘candidly’ before ‘spontaneously’ breaking into fairytale enactments, they create a distracting ambience, even commenting during each other’s performances, with off-putting and irritating results. Purporting to explore the darker sides of fairy tales, they veer in the opposite direction, seating the audience in a bright tent, strewing shiny fabrics about, spewing glitter and sweets, as they enact tales with varying degrees of originality and melodrama. Marketed as a children’s show, it might have had potential; with more tightening up and coherency of vision, it could be enjoyable for adults, too.

theSpaces at Venue45, 15 – 20 Aug, 5.20pm (6.00pm), £3.00 – £5.00, fpp310.
tw rating 1/5