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Translunar Paradise (Theatre Ad Infinitum)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

Actions speak louder than words quite literally in this production. Inspired by bereavement from cancer, ‘Theatre Ad Infinitum’ presents a remarkable story of love, life and loss. This is a beautifully choreographed performance without a single word uttered throughout – an incredible feat few are able to pull off. The chemistry between William and Rose is amazing and the transitions through passages of time are smooth. Moreover, the accompanying accordion music adds tremendous depth to this sensational performance altogether. Perhaps a little too slow-moving and slightly drawn-out at times, it is nonetheless effective in tugging at the heart-strings. Touching and sentimental, time is not the only boundary crossed here; surely, traditional theatrical boundaries have been broken?

Pleasance Dome, 3 – 29 Aug (not 16, 23), 3.40pm (4.55pm), £8.00 – £10.00, fpp306.
tw rating 4/5