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To Hold An Apple (Throes Theater Company)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

Being a meta-play doesn’t have to be a pretentious thing. Contemplative, if sometimes verbose, this is a ‘play within a play’ featuring three female actors improvising as revered artists, discussing the very nature of theatre and art. It’s a difficult one, though the intelligent and witty script certainly has potential. However, something fell flat and awkward; lacking vigor, intense discussions were allowed to became stiflingly static and heavy-going. Yet Alexandra Zelman-Doring’s cantankerous and arthritic ‘Cézanne’ was sometimes brilliant, with a presence felt immediately, aloof and forbidding on the small stage. Greatest when the ‘actor’/‘character’ distinction was fluid and the relationships beneath emerged, this is a concept that could have been played more successfully.

theSpace at Jury’s Inn, 5 – 27 Aug (not 14, 21), 3.10pm (4.40pm), £6.00 – £8.00, fpp304.
tw rating 3/5