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The Trial: An Original Adaptation Of The Novel By Franz Kafka Of The Same Name (American High School Theatre Festival)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Full of realised ideas and strong performances, the themes soak through all aspects of the production, creating a powerfully memorable play. Remaining on stage throughout, the actors hold large frames; they’re used to represent doors, walls, beds and graves to great effect. In scene transitions, the actors lift the frames, move and then slam them into the floor in unison, reinforcing the harshness of the world they’re creating. It gives the impression that the very walls have eyes and that all of society is watching, aware of Josef K’s movements. Lit only by the actor’s torches, the stage is steeped in darkness, making the world abstract and ambiguous. A perfectly realised product.

Church Hill Theatre, 19 – 23 Aug, Times Vary, £5.00, fpp306.
tw rating 4/5