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The Sexual Awakening Of Peter Mayo (Misshapen Theatre)

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2011

Searching for the right show at the Festival is a bit like searching for the right sexual partner in an online dating forum: it’s best to avoid the overtly desperate ones and you’re always at risk of disappointment. But whilst Peter Mayo doesn’t get much guidance as he ventures out to do the latter, you, lucky Festival-goer, have us, ThreeWeeks, to give you some basic pointers in the former. Lyle, Duff and Donelly demonstrate impressive talent throughout, never missing a beat in their delivery of the fast-paced script, and yet their seamless characterisation proves they’re not just comic actors. It’s a delight to see something so technically and artistically slick. Go and see this play.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 29 Aug, 2.45pm (3.45pm), £5.00 – £9.50, fpp296
tw rating 5/5