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The Great Goddess Bazaar (Tammy Meneghini / By David Rush / Director, Jane Page)

By | Published on Tuesday 30 August 2011

Here, a decent actress is lumbered with a pretty bad stage set-up, concept and script. Monologues about different women are performed, with change of character indicated by a change of shoes. With Tammy Meneghini’s agreeable singing voice, one hopes in the beginning that this might turn into something good; unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that it will not. While the quick change of characters is without doubt admirable, the stories certainly are not. There is a ragged woman on the street, a young woman drowning after a shipwreck, a father’s little princess, a important business lady, a raped soldier, and more – and within these parts, no cliché is left untouched. Predictable routine roles with no scope for depth.

Paradise In The Vault, 16 – 28 Aug (not 22), 6.05pm (7.05pm), £8.00, fpp267.
tw rating 2/5