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The F Word (360 Productions)

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2011

I was excited about going to see ‘The F Word’, which promised a series of feminist-themed mini plays: I love a good bit of gender politics to mull over. But when the cast came on stage and began to sing their glib opening number, ‘Female Therapy’, I realised I’d made a terrible mistake. It wasn’t so bad; some of the playlets, which ranged in theme from one about domestic violence to a Caster Semenya-inspired piece about sport, were powerful, well-written and impressively acted, but the shortness of the pieces means that the play merely glances over the issues. I began to feel that the whole show lacked substance; by ending with a reprise of that stupid song, my suspicions were confirmed.

theSpace On North Bridge, 5 – 27 Aug, 4.40pm (5.40pm), £10.00, fpp264
tw rating 2/5