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The Extraordinary Revelations Of Orca The Goldfish (Upstage Theatre Company)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

The characters in this play are boring – that’s not my opinion, it’s theirs. Henry and Alice are trapped in a boring marriage, and they survive by escaping into a fantasy world, imagining themselves as actors, or spies, or glamorous socialites at a sexy party. The play wants to be ‘Billy Liar’, contrasting the humdrum reality of their daily lives with the exciting world of their imaginations. Unfortunately, their daily lives aren’t very realistic and their imaginations aren’t very imaginative: in both, the play relies on crudely drawn stereotypes which quickly lose their appeal. Thankfully, the two actors are immensely likeable, and throw themselves into their parts, holding our attention for longer than the sub-par material probably deserves.

theSpaces On The Mile, 5 – 27 Aug, times vary, £5.50 – £7.00, fpp260.
tw rating 2/5