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The Dirty Pint Pub Crawl (Dirty Pint Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Writing a piece of theatre that is designed to be watched by a drunk audience is a tough call, but Dirty Pint Productions have a good go at it. Halfway between a pub crawl and immersion theatre, the production is surprisingly focused on social commentary. Issues of sexuality, gender and alcoholism are encountered by actors in and around the bars, and the audience is continually surprised at new actors (one hopes) speaking up from the crowd. The audience is in on the fun, and the disclaimer signed at the beginning of the odyssey sets the right tone. The characters are at times simplistic and the tone is didactic, but is there any room for subtlety on a pub-crawl?

Starts at Joseph Pearce, 8 – 26 Aug (not 13, 14, 20, 21), 8.00pm (10.00pm), £4.00 – £25.00, fpp n/a.
tw rating 4/5