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The 2 Sides Of Eddie Ramone (Chris Sullivan)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2011

In this thoughtful piece, Eddie Ramone (Chris Sullivan) reflects on the strange duality of a comedian’s life where one moment he may be the darling of a crowd, and the next, sitting alone and gloomy in a darkened bar. His initial 15 minute stretch of bad stand-up is revealed to be purely an act when he begins to slip between his “autopilot” stage persona and his ongoing internal thoughts. He holds the rapt attention of the audience throughout the story of his personal life, but the true interest of the show lies in the contrast of his shallow stage persona with the gradually revealed pain and sorrow which colour the life of even some the most successful show-people.

theSpaces at Surgeons Hall, 6 – 27 Aug (not 7, 14, 21), 6.00pm (7.00pm), £5.00, fpp307.
tw rating 3/5